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Our Partnership



The next-generation technology solutions that make life simpler and better. MRS Group provide customized software and hardware services to clients worldwide.


We champion top-notch construction materials and techniques globally, partnering with eco-conscious leaders. Our focus is on delivering efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective interior finishes. With unwavering commitment, we support clients in achieving project milestones on schedule and budget, ensuring excellence, top service, and accountability.

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Completely Australia-owned and committed to ensuring all of our sound-dampening solutions are manufactured with Australian raw materials, we’re the local team that you can trust to solve your noise concerns with a tailored approach.

Danish Concrete

Danish company with 50 years of experience and know-how in manufacturing and supplying high quality, environmentally friendly, concrete impregnation liquids to the construction industry. Since its foundation


Italian Soul

Italian Soul, founded in 2013 by architect Daniela Coscia, is a global design firm rooted in Italian creativity. With expertise in projects like Microsoft Offices in Rome and international collaborations, the company excels in avant-garde furniture design worldwide.

Scan Underlay

Scan Underlay was founded by its owner, Carsten Andersen, based on his 20 years of experience in developing products. It all started with a vision to create the most sustainable high-quality rubber textile. The development work involved numerous difficult tests on our pilot machine, using different media and technologies, but the end product proved quite extraordinary.


Green Paradise

Green Paradise is among UAE’s leading firms that fulfills the aesthetic desires of the customers. We are committed to achieving the highest level of trust and excellence by providing stunning and innovative projects. We strive to focus on creative designs and deliver luxurious combinations of our expertise and customer’s style. Each masterpiece starts with an idea. 

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